Spectacular Modern House With Courtyard Swimming Pool

Spectacular Modern House With Courtyard Swimming Pool

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Lush gardens, sleek design, open windows — this home is a slice of paradise. This modern take by Ayutt and Associates on the traditional Thai home incorporates nature into every bit of the home it possibly can. The 1,500 square meter villa just outside of Bangkok is practically held up by floor to ceiling windows which perfectly frame the modern yet traditional courtyard filled with trees, lush jungle plants, and a pool. The windows not only bring the beautiful colors of the outdoors into the nearly all white space, but it allows for that tropical breeze to slither through the house and move all that hot humid air. So take a tour, imagine a cold tropical drink in your hand while you do it, and enjoy all this luxury tropical oasis has to offer.

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Pack your bags, you’re moving in! Kidding — but after you see this incredible layout, how each window frames a beautiful view, and the stunning materials used within this home, we guarantee you’ll be on a flight to Bangkok. From here, you can see those massive windows which take advantage of this dream back yard.

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In the daylight you can see how all these crisp lines and colors play wonderfully against one another. The red on the right pops against the pools turquoise tiles and really helps drawer eye up to the white windows in the center.

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This living space is not only spacious, but completely open to the outdoors. The sliding windows allow for this hybrid indoor-outdoor space which is very typical of Chinese and Thai homes. It adds a bit of drama, whimsy, and takes away from some of the stark modern elements of the living space.

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Look at all that shining sunlight! The light is reflecting off the pool and moving straight into the living room, illuminating the space with warm natural sunlight and bringing the greenery right in. The open floor plan is framed by these views, acting almost as a centerpiece or accent wall as it would in any other home.

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  • Architect: Ayutt and Associates
At this angle you can also see how crisp and white the space is. There’s no need for a lot of color because those big beautiful windows (open or closed) bring in all the colors of the outdoors.

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The way the rays filter through the tree branches and leave a pattern on the white couch and floor is a perfect example of why all this white works. The white doesn’t distract from the beauty of the outdoors, and literally allows for nature to creep right into the space without overwhelming the rest of the design.

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Living in a warm place that allowed the windows to be open all year is a dream in itself. Let alone this incredible courtyard which plays on traditional Chinese home design methods while incorporating modern luxuries. Having these big windows on both sides of the living space lets you see right through to the other side of the home, and integrates the indoors with the outdoors perfectly.

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These seemingly floating stairs are magical! Not only is the wood spectacular, but from the top if looks like you can just run and jump straight into the courtyard pool.

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This view makes you feel like you’re in a treehouse, looking out amongst the treetops. Really it’s just your courtyard, but in this house it sure does feel like a kingdom.

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Wouldn’t you love to take a steam in that shower? This bathroom is the epitome of luxury, and makes you feel like you’re taking an outdoor bath without all the inconveniences. This is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

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The deck in the courtyard is stunning. The red accents the blue pool wonderfully, and the cutouts along it’s edges for plants like that tree are seamless.

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Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the views this home has to offer. At night the entire home lights up with an iridescent white and illuminates the pool and all those lush plants.

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Of course, if you’re living in a villa like this one you need a space to park your beautiful cars. Well, this carpark is the ultimate place. The design of the rest of the home is incorporated here with glass and slick tiles.

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Admire your ride from the living room. If you have a house this nice, full length windows to sneak a few peaks at your car is definitely a luxury you’d enjoy.

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The front of the home is much darker than the back, but all that natural stone — despite all the harsh lines — makes it look like it’s emerged from the rock-bed beneath all that lush jungle.

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Day or night the stunningly harsh angles of this home stick out against the sky — while still reflecting it’s colors.

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Lining the entrance to your home with plants is a wonderful way to make everyone feel invited. Plus in this place, the plants bring the surrounding jungle right up to the door, hinting at the magic that lays on the other side.

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From above you can see how carefully constructed this entire home was. Each detail was very thought out, and they really tried to maximize how they could bring the outdoors in.

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From here you can see more of the detailed design plans to this dreamy home.

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Here you can see more of the detailed layout of this dream tropical home.

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Check out this 3D rendition where you can see the entire structure and what went into it.

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