2 Chic and Cozy Cosmopolitan Lofts

2 Chic and Cozy Cosmopolitan Lofts

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Imagine this: you live in a spacious loft atop a metropolis. Youre living space is as eclectic as the people who walk your citys streets, and the ceilings are as tall as the hopes and aspirations of all who flock there. Your loft is warm and inviting, yet cool and refined. Its chic, and its intelligent, but its also warm and familiar. These very spaces, in both New York City and Germany, reflect that sentiment -- although theyre worlds apart.

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  • Visualizer: Andew Sadokha
The ideal New York City loft is just as big as it is chic. This space lives up to those expectations, plus it boasts massive windows that light up the entire light space.

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The loft space is light, airy, and super chic and modern. But the addition of the traditional coffered ceilings brings in some of that old-world New York City glam and matches the deeply rich floors.

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These floors are stunning! Their dark, almost black richness plays on the chic New York vibe, but the white calking between them adds a bit of a rustic yet modern vibe.

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The chocolate colored layers in this loft really make this wide open space feel cozy. From the open shelving to the wooden and brown walls, this place screams comfortable.

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The dark wood walls of this Manhattan loft are reminiscent of the dark, wooded cigar rooms of the New York City elite. This modern twist on that works so well because of all the light that streams into the loft.

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This kitchen is decadent. The warm woods pop against those tall white walls and that massive window and the finishes are super chic.

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This kitchen and eating space is to die for. We’d buy this apartment just for this space! All that light streaming in from those massive windows illuminates the space and highlights that big industrial staircase. Plus the dining table is rustic-ly modern and matches the kitchen wonderfully.

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The glass railings and open glass wall and french doors are another brilliant way to keep this loft feeling as big and open as possible. Surrounded by warm colors, neutral warm woods and natural light this upper part of the loft is glossy and cozy and chic.

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This little reading corner is both cozy and airy with that big old window, and the rocking chair is the perfect piece to fit this space without filling up much visual space.

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This bathroom is seriously luxurious. From the meticulously tiled walls, to that perfect soaking tub, this is the bathroom you’re dying to get to at the end of the day.We also love the white washed wood planked floors in this space, it’s another great rustic accent that looks modern in this setting.

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These gray built in shelves are stunning — the colorful books pop right out against them and the gray tones play into the bedding and that lovely faded rug. The warm gray is neutral and modern.

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The loft lives up to it’s open characteristics with this combined living and bathroom space. The washed white wood floors keep the space airy and open and lead right into that cozy bedroom with books tucked up against the walls.

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  • Visualizer: Denis Krasikov
This loft space is cool, calming and chic — just what you’d expect from a German loft.

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The cool neutrals throughout the space make it feel open and airy, especially with all that natural light. The wide planked gray floors also open up this loft.

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This lamp is stunning! It’s thin, wiry limbs are ultra modern but the shade is a play on the industrial heritage of the space.

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This chair is a great addition to the space. It’s cozy and it’s shape is surprising, adding a bit of fun to the industrial lofty space.

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The white kitchen island pops against those dark floors, and although it cuts the room in half, you’re visually

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We love how they’ve separated the space with these glass panels. It adds a sense of separation while not blocking any of that amazing light. Plus these light fixtures are modern but somehow feel old, a wonderful play on the old factory-industrial feel of the loft.

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This kitchen makes anyone look like a chef! The clean lines and smooth surfaces make it modern and chic and a great fit for the space.

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White on white is ultimate luxury. These sleek countertops seamlessly flow onto the cabinets and pop against the cool grays in the rest of the loft.

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