Two Takes On The Same Super-Small Apartment

Two Takes On The Same Super-Small Apartment

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How many ways could you think to decorate the same 24 square meter apartment? Martin Architects set the stage with a tidy layout, and designer Landusheva Nastia took to the drawing board to explore a range of styles that would work well with the interior. The results are fun to see! The first interior employs bold retro and industrial themes in bright colors. The second enjoys a casual, cute, and Scandinavian-inspired style with plum accents. Both offer worthwhile design and organization ideas on their own – but these studies make an important point about how flexible even the smallest apartments can be.

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The first interior design makes waves with a bold tangerine accent wall – an adventurous style for such a small apartment. Organic decor like floral prints and wicker lights bring a little nature into the interior, a fun contrast to an apartment with otherwise urban and industrial background.

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Retro-inspired furniture takes queues from the adventurous “atomic era” side of mid-century design, a playful throwback to the days of exaggerated angles and almost cubist forms.

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The bed is tucked away into a cove with a tall curtain to provide privacy when needed. A single step leads up to the platform, upholstered to double as a comfortable bench for guests.

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In fact, the entire rear wall of the bedroom luxuriates in rich rolled fabric. It must make a comfortable backrest for late-night reading.

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Rather than opting for a studio layout, the designer chose to divide the living room and kitchen with a thin wall and sliding door – this provides a mounting point for the television on one side, and artwork on the other.

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Same apartment, different personality and atmosphere. This charming interior features strong Scandinavian influences like clean white walls and painted floors along with plenty of warm details. It’s a more laid-back style – notice how this interpretation includes a knit pouf rather than the stylish chair, paintings on the floor rather than the walls, and table askew rather than perfectly aligned. The floor reading lamp you see here is the Scantling lamp by Marset.

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It still has a touch of industrial flavor by way of carefully routed cords along the ceiling, showing that even building-specific details aren’t enough to override such a complete decor transformation.

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Just look at the gorgeous layering of texture! Chunky knits are a fun and versatile trend to consider. Knit fabric even adorns the headboard wall in the bed niche. This would be a wonderful place to snuggle up on a cold day.

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The chandelier is an amazing work of art by Lindsey Adelman – an amazing focal point for an otherwise simple apartment design. The gorgeous sliding door to the right leads to the kitchen.

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Despite its layout remaining identical to the previous apartment, the Scandinavian influence shines brightly in this one thanks to white painted cabinetry and light floors.

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This pegboard wall is such a neat idea! With plenty of DIY potential, it offers a configurable solution to storage and decoration. All you need is pegboard, dowels, and some repurposed pieces of wood to serve as shelves.

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