A Minimalist Family Home With A Bright Bedroom For The Kids

A Minimalist Family Home With A Bright Bedroom For The Kids

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Located near Kiev, Ukraine, this home boasts a creative and effective 105 square meter floor plan to accommodate a family with one young child and one infant. Designer Yevhen Zahorodnii opted for a minimalist interior theme to suit the busy lifestyle of the residents – minimalism grants simplicity and convenience by erasing some of the material complication from the home, a practical choice with two little ones running around. Some rooms do boast a bit of color though, namely the childs bedroom and a small office dedicated to study and play. Are you planning to adopt a minimalist style? This home will inspire!

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  • Visualizer: Yevhen Zahorodnii
The practical L-shaped layout consists of white walls that surround a freestanding volume in dark plywood panels, light floorboards guiding the eye along the length of the living space and toward the dining room.

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Simple furniture combines sharp angles and smooth rounded forms. Geometric themes are most noticeable in the functional decor like this cubical plant stand and cone-shapedfloor lamp.

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Even the entryway is effective and stylish. A full mirror allows last-minute checkups to make sure that outfit or makeup is still on point and the built-in seating leaves rooms to store shoes.

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Around the corner, a beige-toned kitchen hides just out of sight from the main living area. A neutral take on color blocking works wonders to separate each functional space. The slim black dining pendant lights adds contrast to this otherwise very white space.

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The kitchen is just as simple as the living room. Cabinetry hides behind sliding panels to avoid the need for overhead storage, allowing light to touch every surface.

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Rather than ordinary handrails, the staircase makes use of white wires that run the length of the atrium. Large drop-shaped pendant lights illuminate the way.

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Wires transition to mirrored bannisters toward the top of the stairs. The floors here are especially unique – white plywood offers a smooth uninterrupted plane of textural wood grain.

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Upstairs is home to private spaces like bedrooms and two offices. We’ll explore those next!

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One of the offices is for the child, complete with woodcut style wallpaper. Light blues and bright white create a comfortable atmosphere for study and homework.

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The desk attaches to the wall on each side of the window for a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

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Attractive shelves leave room for books and study material in addition to toys and other inspiring decor. The stylish stylish desk chair perfectly matches the minimalist desk here.

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Once all of the day’s homework is complete, the young resident can snuggle up in one of these big cozy poufs for some multiplayer gaming with mom or dad.

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The main office is more professional. Concrete walls offer a hint of industrial influence, heightened by the strip of indirect lighting that emanates from the back of the cantilever desk.

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Creative angled shelving makes it easy to browse the library selection right from the sofa. If the resident uses this as a meeting room, this arrangement would definitely ease the boredom of waiting clients.

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Even the entryway is effective and stylish. A full mirror allows last-minute checkups to make sure that outfit or makeup is still on point and the built-in seating leaves rooms to store shoes.

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Now, here’s the fun part! The child’s bedroom diverges from the home’s minimalistic theme with colorful walls and furniture, with playful characters like this whale to keep things interesting.

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Illustrated jungle wallpaper fills the room with smiling animal faces. House-shaped bedframes are a popular trend for kids rooms, and this lavender frame fits especially well with this design.

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Although the child does have a separate office, this desk allows for PC gaming or making quick corrections to homework before bedtime.

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Overall, it’s a very fun space with plenty to do and plenty to keep the young occupant’s eyes and mind occupied.

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The master bedroom doubles as a nursery for the family’s newest resident. Just like the older child’s room, the small crib includes a “roof” strung with adorable lights just out of the infant’s reach.

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While decor remains minimal, the textures are impossible to ignore. An intricate accent wall, a stylish rug, and layers of blankets are a soothing contrast to the smooth surfaces of the main furniture pieces.

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A simple glass door leads directly into a spacious walk-in closet.

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Inside, a full-length mirror makes it easy to see the day’s outfit at a glance. Abundant natural lighting is a hugely important feature since artificial lighting can change the appearance of fabric sheen and color.

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Wood drawers and shelves have classic appeal. Ever-so-slightly notched corners modernize the choice of materials to avoid seeming overly rustic.

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The bathrooms are perfection. This low vanity rises to the occasion with a tall vessel sink, a focal point in an otherwise very consistent and minimalistic design.

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Here’s a look at the second bathroom, this time with tiles that demonstrate a smooth stone effect rather than the glossy concrete of the other one.

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