Rustic Beauty in an Inner-City Apartment

Rustic Beauty in an Inner-City Apartment

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Describing an apartment as “rustic” often evokes images of wood cabins, lodges and otter dams outside. How can you take the serenity and warmth of a wood cabin, and inject it into an inner-city apartment? This stylish design by Anton Medvedec shows how a rustic, wood-panelled design can look both stylish and modern. Using high, full-length wooden panels and flooring with warm oak tones, this apartment yokes serenity and simplicity together in several seamless space transitions. Slatted partitions and white-walling add a feel of the industrial, and slim-line touches elegance. Marble tiling and sleek furniture add a contemporary feel, while Star Wars figurines give cheek to a simply luscious living area.

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A full-length wooden floor first greets the visitor in the lounge, matched by wooden feature and slatted partition walls. High, stone-coloured curtains add light with a great view, while extensive black cabinetry gives the space a modern feel. Magnetic black hanging lights add eccentricity.

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Throughout the home, personal elements begin to make themselves known. Star Wars decor hide in nooks, crannies and corners;finer table leg framing shows an elegance of line; filled bookcases and wine glasses example a taste of the sublime. Long, drawn out surfaces make the space vast and luxurious, while different types of wood materials introduce an industrial feeling.

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Throughout the apartment, design details reflect a meeting between the natural and the man-made. In the kitchen, a white ceramic bench kisses a wooden breakfast table, the tiled and wooden floors dividing beneath them. The home office joins a wooden and black table together, with a metallic table foregrounding the wooden feature wall. The corridor shows both the monochromatic tiling, slatted wooden partitions and bamboo feature wall, while a Stormtrooper watches.

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Floor-to-wall wooden panelling in the bedroom creates a cosy aura in the bedroom, made fresh with plant life beside the bed. Here, slim fixtures such as the television, standing lamps and industrial-hued bedding carry on the industrial lodge theme.

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Wooden walls, floors and details act as the hero, creating cohesion between spaces and warmth wherever they lead. Corridors and walk-in wardrobes clothed in top-to-toe wood stand framed by white walls.

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Wooden elements in the bathroom are hinted at amongst shafts of tile and marble. Wide mirrors reflect clean white ceramics, the chrome fixtures harking to the industrial. The ensuite features a full-length textured black granite wall, reminding visitors of the Stormtroopers inside.

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