Inspiring Examples Of Use Of Grey In Luxury Interior Design

Inspiring Examples Of Use Of Grey In Luxury Interior Design

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As Fifty Shades of Grey has proven, grey doesn’t have to be boring. Resplendent in a range of possible textures, grey is an intermediary between two non-colours – black and white – adding depth wherever it goes. Whether minimalistic or modern, grey is possible on a wider range of fixtures than many of its coloured counterparts. Grey marble tiling, plaster headboards, aluminium lights, and chrome bathroom and kitchen fixtures are just some opportunities to diversify. Take a leaf out of the Book of Grey with these four homes in a variety of design themes. Each space shows the power of anti-colour in your world.

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  • Architect: Sreten Jovanovic Maja Urh
  • Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina
Our first home’s use of grey is airy and light. Situated in Moscow, Russia, a variety of patterns adorn the space, which unite natural and even slightly archaeological themes. In the living room, grey linen couches foreground a fingerprint triptych, while a grey marble fireplace stretches to the heavens. Light grey curtains backed by white chiffon let light into the room. A high-ceilinged chrome spiral chandelier focuses the room’s multi-tonal grey splendour. Pops of green break the fade.

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As the space widens, it incorporates a kitchen and dining area, segmented by different textures. Pinpointed by hanging pencil-thin chrome lighting, the kitchen’s smooth white cabinetry looks out to the light, with a large grey slatted panel mimicking the lighting. A view from the dining area shows a monochromatic side, with simple white chairs and a black table. The kitchen shines again in chrome cabinetry and grey filigree kitchen stools.

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Different textures in the bedroom offer difference. A green-grey duvet mixes with soft grey from the living room to create a natural look. A large textured headboard of four panels creates a focal point, while a striped charcoal rug grounds the design. Small elements of nature, such as twisted cane and orchids, bring life to the room and enhance the natural focus. Drops of white keep it light and breezy.

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Marble stuns in the all-grey bathrooms, which wow with a range of different textures. Clothed in head-to-toe marble, the main bathroom’s charcoal adds focus in a towel rail, bottle set, floating cabinet and shagpile rug. Rounded-off features in the toilet finish in two teardrop ornaments, backgrounded by grey granite. Elongated white porcelain maintains elegance, while twisted cane retains flow. Squared chrome fixtures complete both spaces.

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  • Visualizer: Anton Biytsev
This apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, goes a shade darker in a sleek and modern design. Perfect for a bachelor, the living room starts with a grey l-shaped couch, complemented by a wooden charcoal side wall, low-lying bookcase and lightly-patterned wool rug. Glass and an all-chrome kitchen appear silver as they reflect grey surfaces, while beige speckled walls and hints of copper offer relief. Lacquered grey doors and TV shelving add pizzazz to the practical. A textured grey abstract piece reverts technique.

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Through the hallway, more dramatic wall art comes into view. Depicting flowers, it follows through the corridor to marbled hallway tables and a grand mirror, a focal point in LED-lit acrylic. Lacquered charcoal doors stand ground.

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Colours in the bedroom mirror those in the living room, but with much softer textures. A grey engraved headboard spreads into a browner matching rug. A cushioned bedframe stretches up to meet it, holding a central light grey futon as its mattress. Similarly-designed navy chairs sit beside, while amber lampshade lights flicker to each side. Black fixtures and a granite TV panel invite the night in.

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A second bedroom differentiates in deeper shades of brown, with grey and black backgrounding. A suede bedframe holds silver linen bedding, with a textured grey wall behind. An almost-matching side chair, paired with a black circular rug and wall lacquer, tie in the art piece. Copper vases from the hallway catch the light

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  • Visualizer: Elena Ovcharenko
Grey can work with more dominant prints, too. This greyscale apartment uses a turquoise couch to centre an Oceanic space. In the living room, a distressed grey rug overlaps plain grey, making way for palm-frond features. Hints of copper in a living room table and side bench bring in light, while a granite fireplace top and plant pots introduce the earthen. A smoking side-wall piece, roaring fire panel and palm trees give life.

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A space for dining lies in capsule suede chairs, met in the middle by a chrome table leg. Grey joinery frames the outside.

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Couched in plush grey textures, the bedroom uses white and beige to play off grey. A tidal canvas rushes in passion, while a sofa-headboard bed frames sleeping faces. Granite potted palms, stencil lighting and a beige chair highlight other features, while a wooden stool set reinforces nature.

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Through the hallway, charcoal slats lead to more charcoal slats in the bathroom. Enamel bubble lights hang above a standing grey porcelain bath, backgrounded by grey marble tiling. Showing off mirrors and rounded white porcelain features, the laundry hides behind sophisticated slatted cupboards. A black stone washbasin stands to attention.

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  • Visualizer: IQOSA
Our last large room gives grey ample space. Shades of grey mix with terracotta, black and white to highlight character. A white lounge bends around a textured charcoal mat, holding terracotta and black cushions. Six wall-to-ceiling window panels let in light, while a honeycomb standing lamp does the rest. Towards night time, an LED-framed wall lets movies screen, while a bordered grey ceiling adds dramatic impact.

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Towards the kitchen, a portrait of a lady gives focus. Matt-textured walls harbour white seats holding bonsai, while chrome lighting hangs haphazard from the ceiling. Ranged by horizontal blind panelling, the mostly-black kitchen keeps it modern, while simple black acrylic chairs gleam onto a wooden dining table.

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