25 Beautiful Examples Of Bedroom Accent Walls That Use Slats To Look Awesome

25 Beautiful Examples Of Bedroom Accent Walls That Use Slats To Look Awesome

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Its time to spruce up your bedroom. Do you have an amazing idea in your head but dont know how to tie all the elements together? Or are you looking for inspiration? It doesnt matter what your motivations are. You want one thing, to make your bedroom look awesome. This is where wooden slats come in. This versatile design element can be used in any room, for any style. When creativity is unleashed, these simple objects are transformed into something truly remarkable. Dont believe us? We have 25 examples that prove our point, and will help you to make your bedroom a magnificent expression of your personal taste.

  • 1 |
  • Visualizer: Studio 34
This white base bedroomroom makes use of light wooden slats with an interwoven pattern.This achieved by a lighter pattern, so that the darker wood and pattern stands out.

  • 2 |
  • Visualizer: Tu Nguyen Hoang
In this room the slats adorn only the top half of the wall, a contrast to the pristine white walls. The bedroom chair you see here is the Imola chair by Henrik Pedersen.

  • 3 |
  • Visualizer: Lê Hoàng Nhật Nam
These particular slats match the base of the bed, and taper down to meet panels made of the same wood. A framed picture complements the entire look. The iconic Atollo lamp bedside table lamp adds a luxurious touch.

  • 4 |
  • Visualizer: Adi R Indra G
Here slats are a dark contrast to the rest of the light colors of the room. A ledge acts as a shelf for an array of ornaments.What catches the eyes though, is the clock with the interesting frame.Love this room? Want to see more? Take a tour!

  • 5 |
  • Visualizer: Julia Bryzgalina
This room’s accent wall fits in with the rest of the decor. Allowing space in the middle for personal photographs or compelling pieces of art, lets them become the focal point of the wall.

  • 6 |
  • Visualizer: Igor Grigoriev
This accent wall adds texture to the entire room by forming 3-D triangular patterns.

  • 7 |
  • Visualizer: Maxim Nizovkin
These slats also form triangular patters, but are complemented by strategically placed lights and LED lights.

  • 8 |
  • Visualizer: Linh Nguyen
Meanwhile, this wall’s white vertical slats are used to contrast the dark horizontal stripes of the photograph creating an intriguing effect.

  • 9 |
  • Visualizer: Alexandr Golynski
Slats with different shades are used to create an alternating pattern that grabs your attention.

  • 10 |
  • Visualizer: Hoàng Long
This designer used more widely spaced slats to complement the white wall. Wooden panels create a decorative headboard making the design more attractive.

  • 11 |
  • Visualizer: Elena Anikina
This unique design makes the ceiling part of the accent wall. By choosing a color that’s just a little darker than the wall color and by not taking up the entirety of the wall, the slats are an elegant feature.The light grey pillows and light fixtures are a pleasant touch of color.

  • 12 |
  • Visualizer: Fatih Beserek
Sometimes you can work with what you have. In this room the wall is slightly curved, so the designer chose to highlight this by partially covering the wall with dark wood slats, and letting the wooden panels lead the eye to the gentle curve of the wall.

  • 13 |
  • Visualizer: Kyde
There are many different design elements in this room, and they’re all tied together by the slats partially covering the wall over the headboard.

  • 14 |
  • Visualizer: Dudinec
The plaster was removed from the bottom half of this wall to reveal the bricks which were then painted over.The dark grey slats contrast to the light brickwork and provide a pleasant background to the beautiful framed artwork.The purple modern accent chair adds some visual interest to the room.

  • 15 |
  • Visualizer: Ilkin Gurbanov
In this bedroom, the dark grey slats work together with the engaging grey and white photographs to create a unique and lovely focal point.

  • 16 |
  • Visualizer: Freedes Studio
These dark slats are contrast to the white walls of the rest of the room and match the bed. The two mirrors add depth to the room. While the unique pendant lights are an exquisite addition to the dignified atmosphere of the room.

  • 17 |
  • Visualizer: Arch Ants
Widely spaced black slats are an integral part of this room’s design plan.

  • 19 |
  • Visualizer: Nevi Studio
By using different colors and types of wood this accent wall turns what would otherwise be an ordinary wall into an intriguing work of art.

  • 20 |
  • Visualizer: Inna Shapovalova
Although the main focus of this room is the gorgeous stencil bed, the slats provide a charming background that complements the bed.Like the bed? We’ll help you find something similar that matches your personality.

  • 21 |
  • Visualizer: KDVA
This room is meant to soothe the nerves after a long day. The LED lights highlight the wooden panels, while thin wooden slats provide a subtle accent to the left of the room.

  • 22 |
  • Visualizer: Twin Hongtruc
The main focus of this room are the dark wooden panels and framed picture, but the lighter wooden slats complement the panels and prevent the ceiling from being too bright and distracting from the focus point.

  • 23 |
  • Visualizer: Lê Hoàng Nhật Nam
This design unites the rest of the room by tying the wooden elements together, preventing the wall from looking clinical and being the background to a simple yet interesting image.

  • 24 |
  • Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev
A grey and white print works together with light wooden slats.The contrasting positions of the slats take the wall to another level without looking overdone.

  • 25 |
  • Visualizer: Mohamed Terko
The warm wooden slats work with the floor and potted plantsto keep the room from looking colorless and indifferent.

To recreate you favorite accent wall or make your own inspiration a reality, slats like these are easily made from wooden panels that can be found on Amazon.

Watch the video: 30 awesome accent wall ideas for your bedroom (July 2022).


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