Awe Inspiring Hudson River Apartment

Awe Inspiring Hudson River Apartment

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Apartment owners looking for a beautifully designed place with enough room to one day grow their family received just what they were looking for from Kapran Design. This upscale modern New Jersey home with views of the Hudson River was transformed into an elegantly designed space for the couple. Natural lighting and open space abound in the home. The home was completed using marble and glass as well as varying shades of greys, blacks, and blues. Here we share the impressive design with you.

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The living area of this apartment displays modern elegance. The blue contrast welting on the sofa accentuates its unusual lines. Its low back provides an unobstructed view into the kitchen area. The glossy grey orb coffee table is unique and with enough space to still remain functional.

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This view shows the stainless steel post at the edge of the room and low profile entertainment center that allows the homeowner to still take in that breathtaking view of the Hudson River.

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This bedroom right off of the living room is separated by only a glass partition that slides open. A seating area with iconic mid century modern chairs and white gloss cocktail table gives a space to read before bed.

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When you have a view of the Hudson and Manhattan just beyond, you leave those windows uncovered and make it your focal point. Playful globe pendant lights drop down from the ceiling, adding a touch of fun to the room.

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This shared space is easily divided with the long sectional and island. Everything is kept low and has straight lines, creating great flow in the space.

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The ceiling was not left out of the design plan, with panels creating an effect of elongation. Those windows continue to wrap around this room into the dining area.

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This view into the convertible lounge and bedroom from the living area shows panels in sheer blue that can provide some privacy for the room. Notice how the designer took the slate blue color and matched it with a lighter tint.

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The hallway to the bedrooms dons a grey wall effect with the same hue in the door and molding.

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Here a tall console is used in the entry to the apartment, seeming to blend in with the wall.

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This stone walled master bedroom features a high gloss storage unit and white platform bed. The art, chair, and rug soften the look.

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Another view of the bedroom shows that great panorama of the city and the illuminating lighting effect behind the wall.

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The built in desk gives a space for work. Again the lighting shows through in the break in the ceiling.

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This bathroom is a showstopper with a linear effect on the mirrored wall. The sink seems to float above the cabinet.

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The plans show the 1200 square foot apartment as the space was before the design was completed.

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The completed plan shows a stunningly different apartment altogether.

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