A Scandinavian Style Apartment That Exudes Chic Comfort

A Scandinavian Style Apartment That Exudes Chic Comfort

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The elements that make up a Scandinavian style apartment are varied and dynamic. The end result is usually an energetic home that meshes a variety of different features together to create a home that is snug as well as chic. The pride and joy of any homeowner. Those with families especially enjoy Scandinavian style apartments as it reflects the conglomeration of personalities joined together under one roof, which is basically what Scandinavian style is all about. No-one understands that better than Taiwanese based design company Nordico, which consists of a team that specializes in Scandinavian style. Let us look through their latest project, to experience their skill firsthand.

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The living room is a perfect example of how Scandinavian style apartments combine comfort and style. The room is well designed and is aesthetically pleasing- a joy to come home to.

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The most important part of any home is the furniture. The furniture decides whether or not the room is stylish, or if it is just a disaster. This living room makes proper use of Scandinavian style furniture , which is simple, minimalist and functional. Everything that a homeowner needs!

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Another important element to any room, are the colors. You can’t have awfully bright or clashing colors in a room, otherwise it will not matter if you have the best furniture on the market, your home will not be stylish or homely. This apartment’s color scheme is warm and comforting, using many colors without becoming overwhelming.

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To make an ordinary built in bookshelf come to life, the designer colored the inside of the shelves, creating an attractive feature for the room.

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Uncovered windows work well with the white ceiling and timber components to create thee illusion of space. The windows also allow in a lot of natural light which refreshes the entire home.

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Subtle hints of black add a seriousness to the room that grounds it and makes it a little more solid looking. Without the black, the room would look vaguely boring and less composed.

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An overhead shelf is both functional and a stroke of brilliance. A discerning home cook knows that he/she needs an herb garden, but that is difficult to do in an urban apartment. Well, why not plant one in your kitchen? Not only is it useful- it looks incredible as well! In fact, all indoor potted plants have a timeless and refreshing aesthetic, , make the most of them in your home.

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The apartment makes brilliant use of warm wooden tones, white and grey as a base, while bright colors bring life to the room. The affect is stunning, and an easily achieved color palette.

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Grey Carvagio Carravagio P4 pendant lights double as a source of light and design feature. The color matches the apartment’s palette and adds functional charm in a way that only pendant lighting can.

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Take your ordinary pot plants to another level, by housing them n pots/holders with a fun pattern. You could also make ordinary kitchenware into a design feature to showcase your amazing baking skills, as shown above.

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Most homeowners need a study area, and this apartment delivers. A paneled half wall includes the space into the rest of the house, but also creates a feeling of a seperate space.

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The kitchen cabinets are centered perfectly so as to allow for easy movement around the space, while Scandinavian style chairs provide effortless chic.

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Warm wooden floor panels soften the entire room, and add a little tropical flair to an urban home.

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Too many people make the mistake of assuming that a T.V is enough of a design element on its own. The designer put shelves all around it and skilfully arranged the decorations so as to reflect the personalty of thee residents.

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A dual study area is a stroke of genius, and a good way to make use of the available space. The area is left minimalist and uncluttered, providing a serene work environment.

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Evenly spaced lights ensure that the home will never be gloomy or dimly lit. The majority of the lights are subtle and functional, but a few double as decoration.

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The living area is neatly ordered and perfectly structured. The room is unified but marks each area according to purpose, not cluttering anything. Hanging planters add an air of tropical essence, creating a hanging garden in the apartment.

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The minimalist design allows for a lot of floor space which children can use for entertainment.

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The unique end tables are a good fit, as the conform to the design without being boring, and the delicate house plants on top give them a refreshing purpose.

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One way to enliven your white table is by using whimsical flatware, that will break up the monotonous white and turn the eating space into something remarkable.

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Wooden ornaments work well with the other organic elements and carry on a unifying theme, tying the room together in subtle ways.

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A black sink surrounded by the white and monochromatic colors, is a pleasant contrast that adds depth to the small space.

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At night, the exposed windows create a unique accent wall that is both dynamic and exciting.

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A white ceiling makes the room look larger and less confined. Light ceilings are usually your best bet when it comes to decoration.

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The kitchen table is the heart of every home, and this home staple is fun and unique, thanks to the different colored chairs.

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A tile kitchen island is a wonderful way to upgrade a classic in a simple, understated way. The feature is defined without being obvious.

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For centuries, mounted deer heads have been the staple of any sophisticated home. But modern design has taken that design feature, and turned it on its head. A delicately carved, 100% naturally carved faux deer head is proudly mounted on the wall- a reimagining of an antiquated classic. Love what you see? Get yours here! As a little extra spice, the exposed wall between the kitchen cabinets has been tiled in shades f grey, a pleasant addition to a remarkable room.

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This room reflects the apartment’s style to perfection. The bed’s proximity to thee window, allows the occupant’s attention to be caught by the sky’s natural beauty.

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The master bedroom boasts a spacious terrace, for fresh air or star gazing. The homeowner is free to use it as he/she so desires, and we can think of a million ways in which this terrace is an advantage.

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A lush rug and Scandinavian style chair makes for a luxurious place to recline and relax.

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A darker shade of grey makes up the back of the bed, a subtle yet effective accent wall.

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This stylish bedroom boasts a walk-in closet for any wardrobe needs, and a state-of-thee-art air conditioner for balmy summer nights. How luxurious!

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To create a dynamic space that is simple yet oh so refined, use patterned wall paper an stately stone wall tiles. It is incredibly easy, and the effect is completely worth it.

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Tiled walls also offset the business of the patterns and spare you from a headache. While the organic elements sooth the emotions and soften the space.

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