2 Modern Homes the Use Grey for a Calming Effect

2 Modern Homes the Use Grey for a Calming Effect

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A home is a reflection of the occupants personality. Even in a rental space, the furniture, textiles, and lights are choices that make a difference in how the space and the occupant are perceived. Color is a huge part of that personality that a home creates. From vibrant bohemian hues to the stark white of some minimalist spaces, color choice is critical in interior design. We can think of the color grey as being a bit non-committal and even a cop out of a color choice, but the truth is that grey has its own personality, as you will see in the homes featured here.

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  • Visualizer: Lucia Ivancov
The first home does not simply build a space around a single grey element, but instead takes on many shades of the color — venturing all the way to white — to create a unique and unified look.

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According to color psychology, grey can be a color that makes people feel calm, safe, and secure.

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By using so many shades of grey in the main living area, this home is saying to guests that this is a place that it is safe to be. Come in, relax, and enjoy your time with friends and family.

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Of course, some grey choices have practical implications as well, with grey flooring being an option that can easily hide dirt, for example.

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This particular design calls further attention to the choice of grey walls with a large wall clock design element that actually uses the wall itself as the face of the clock.

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A fruit bowl is a simple decorative element that unifies the butcher block countertop with the grey theme and can hold seasonal fruits for a pop of color.

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The dark grey of the kitchen cabinetry trends towards the idea of grey as an industrial color.

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Because these industrial spaces are not meant to be seen, acting as purely functional, grey can be a way for them to disappear.

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The bedroom, where grey can become depressing, is kept white and bright with bedside lamps.

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Here, grey is used sparingly in heavy curtains and a soft seating cushion tucked underneath the vanity.

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White linens and a subtly grey wall that is in the blue spectrum of grey are calming elements without getting too dark.

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The bedroom has a bit of rustic feel as well with a natural wood vanity and shelving, as well as the grey wood flooring that carries through from the living room.

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The recessed area above the headboard is a creative shelving choice, perfect for keeping books in easy reach.

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The closet continues with the rustic theme, using bare wood shelving and white paneled drawers.

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Both shelving and hanging space are critical to keeping any closet organized.

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In the home office area, enough monitors for a 2 person workspace sit atop the white desk, but just one chair indicates that both of these monitors are for one productive person.

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The home office space incorporates both white and grey, providing enough balance that the color should not stifle creativity.

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The dark grey accent wall is another blue-tinted choice that is quite soothing and should calm the stress of working at home.

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The grey theme is so strong in this home that even a decorative vase is filled with haunting grey tulips.

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While grey can sometimes indicate the absence of sunshine, that’s not the case on this enclosed balcony.

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In the bathroom, tiles are a more brown shade of grey.

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The tiles along with an oversized white sink and white cabinetry further the rustic feel.

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Built in shelving offer an out of the way place for those bathroom necessities that can clutter up this room.

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  • Visualizer: Nastya Ivanchuk Marina Tsishyna
In addition to being a calming shade, grey can also be quite sophisticated, as indicated in this next space.

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The oversized art piece in this living room, coupled with the many tones of grey, create a simple elegance that would be difficult to manage with any other color palette.

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Like other neutrals, grey has a distinct ability to highlight other colors, as seen here with this dark rusty red and even the green of the house plant.

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Grey is a lovely choice for window treatments, creating a soft, cloud-like effect against the windows in this upper level apartment.

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A greyish marble coffee table allows whatever knickknack, book, or fresh cut flowers you want to highlight to really shine.

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Even the bright flicker of a modern fireplace is made that much brighter by its grey tile backdrop.

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Grey is also an effective choice for allowing the beauty of unique art pieces and natural wood to shine through.

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To truly take advantage of the beauty of grey, you must add pops of color at regular intervals, such as this bright red dining chair.

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The natural wood table appears very elegant against the grey curtains and cabinetry.

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Even the soft green of the cut greenery on the table is brightened up by the surrounding scenery.

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Creative overhead lighting in black has a very modern feel, adding to the overall elegance of the interior.

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The open floor plan benefits from the shades of grey, making in easy transition from one space to another.

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Finally, where wood is used, it calls attention to the beauty and craftsmanship because the warm color is so surprising.

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