2 Sleek Homes that are Unapologetically Modern

2 Sleek Homes that are Unapologetically Modern

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Modern is a term that can get overused when it comes to interior design. Nearly every home is modern in some way or another, whether its the inclusion of a flat screen television or a gleaming countertop with an undermounted sink. The two homes featured here, however, go a bit beyond an element or two. Using clean lines, simple furniture and bold pops of greenery, these homes speak to the future. They have a vibe that would make a set designer think about using them as a futuristic bachelor pad or a landing place for a robot designer. Between the dark color schemes and sleek, simple elements, these modern beauties have a timeless appeal.

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  • Visualizer: Yevhen Zahorodnii SivakTrigubchak
The first modern home is a 145 square metre (1560 square feet) home in Kiev Ukraine. The living area has a stunning focal point in a modern sofa.

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The sleek sectional along with the round coffee tables makes for a practical but also stylish living room.

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Some modern design shy away from indoor house plants, but they can actually work quite well in a sleek space if the right plants are used.

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In the kitchen, which opens out into the main living area, unique wine storage is both useful and adds its own decorative element.

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The kitchen and living area are barely separated, but the way they are designed makes them feel like separate spaces.

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A black kitchen theme is modern, bordering on futuristic.

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The dining table is attached to the kitchen island, but contrasts in color.

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The natural light doesn’t get too far into the kitchen, so overhead lighting becomes important.

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The light wood flooring is what makes the darker wall elements possible, even if hardwood is not quite as futuristic as some other flooring options.

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Black, white, and natural wood is a modern combination that will certainly stand the test of time.

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  • Visualizer: Olga Paliychuk
Another stunning sectional takes center stage in the next home, which is a 156 square metre (1679 square feet) home in Kiev, Ukraine. The olive green sofa frames simple, elegant wine glasses and an end table.

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In another home that lacks a bit for natural light, globe lights dot the landscape.

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Closet storage is hidden away in simple panels.

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The clean look of the closed closet doors contributes to a dark, modern feeling.

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A dark dining table provides a home for a Japanese-inspired pitcher.

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The black on black dining set is another luxurious, modern element.

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The black and green of the sofa play off one another for a modern but rustic atmosphere.

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The use of textures in this home is also quite modern — from wood to metal to concrete.

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Moving into the first bedroom, warm wood becomes the texture of choice.

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A sleek floor lamp adds important light and style.

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A sage green wall color is particularly comforting in a bedroom setting.

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The sage green also works especially well with the warm, reddish wood elements giving the bedroom a Southwest flair.

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The bathroom has its own modern appeal with white marble walls.

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The olive green from the living room also finds its way into the bathroom decor.

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Pinkish tiles and a round mirror give the second bathroom a bit of retro appeal.

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Moody lighting envelops the visitor to the mod space.

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Oversized planters act as stylish homes for huge plants.

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The second bedroom also uses reddish wood, but its a bit cooler in its tone.

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Large indoor plants and gray colors give this modern bedroom an almost mid-century look.

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The wood paneled wall is particularly inviting.

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A dark gray and red tiled bathroom has a masculine bent to be sure.

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The combination of square edges and rounded fixtures make the bathroom a bit more visually interesting.

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Of course, it also has everything you need.

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