A Bright Home to Give a Family a Taste of the Good Life

A Bright Home to Give a Family a Taste of the Good Life

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This particular home was emailed to us by Ethan Chang of Hozo Design, who poured their creativity and love for beauty into this design. The single-family home is designed with balance in mind -- from light and dark, neutral and color, luxury and simplicity. It is from this balance that an otherwise blank space can become a home. Though the overall style of the home is simple, the elements that are chosen in each room bring strong style and sense of comfort. Scandinavian influences abound in this particular home, while geometric accents give it a flavor thats all its own.

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Natural light plays a important role in the design of the entire house, but it is perhaps most evident in the bright and open main living area.

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A light color scheme in conjunction with the natural light from large windows and gauzy curtains makes an open floor plan seem that much more spacious.

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Within the context of an open, somewhat minimalist design, there are important decorative elements as well, such as unique plant stands.

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Overhead lighting is another important element, with hanging lights over the dining table as well as the breakfast bar.

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In the kitchen itself, brass light fixtures and a simple round cutting board are both practical and beautiful.

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A matte black dining table adds a bit of mystery in an otherwise bright room.

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Natural wood elements are also used throughout, calling to mind those Scandinavian influences.

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A simple bench acts as the seating on one side of the dining table, which keeps the space feeling open and makes it easier to circulate when guests are around.

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White cabinets and recessed appliances give a very clean look to the kitchen.

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Where pendant lighting and sun leave off, a simple wall sconce can chip in.

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A decorative basket nestled in a corner is a bit more rustic than some other elements in the home so acts as a nice contrast.

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Personality shines through in plant stands, a ukulele, and even the way that closet is organized.

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Wooden boxes and racks make a small closet much more effective.

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The open living room does not lend itself to privacy, but this small reading nook and beanbag chair does.

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Moving into the bedrooms, a brilliant blue accent wall is a stunning centerpiece.

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More natural light gives the master bedroom a lovely natural alarm clock.

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And finally, a small kids room keeps the simple, clean lines and adds a bit of playfulness for the perfect complete home.

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