3 Modern Small Apartment Designs Under 50 Square Meters That Dont Sacrifice On Style [Includes Floor Plans]

3 Modern Small Apartment Designs Under 50 Square Meters That Dont Sacrifice On Style [Includes Floor Plans]

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Living in a tiny amount of space can be limiting in many ways but living small certainly does not mean that you have to compromise on style. Not convinced? Well, take a look at these three small apartment interiors, all under 50 square metres, that are creative in using stylish furniture and decor to set a high-end scene. Large light fittings over sociably sized dining areas, practical kitchens that do not feel cramped, chic bathrooms and bedrooms brimming with storage are all present in these limited living quarters. Plentiful storage solutions keep these compact homes free from clutter overwhelm so that they appear spacious and the interior design can shine.

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  • Visualizer: IDEADEYA design studio
The IT_H_1 Apartment, located in Lviv, Ukraine has an area of just 47 square metres but still manages to have dining seating for a party of four in the open plan reception room. A comfortable modern sofa shares the same space as the dining area. Behind the sofa a long planter full of indoor plants acts as a low level room divider.

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This pendant lightshade is of a rebellious size for such a small home. The large pendant creates a central focal point for the room.

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The attractive Scandinavian style chairs do not tuck out of sight beneath the dining table when not in use, even though space is at a premium.

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Full advantage has been taken of the vertical space in the kitchen, with three rows of wall cabinets.

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Underneath the long planter behind the sofa, shelves of books sit upon castors. A full length mirror peeping out from the bedroom at the end of the makeshift hallway increases a sense of space.

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In the bedroom, a picture ledge sits above the bed to decorate a plain wall. A bedroom pendant light also hangs beside the bed as a cool alternative to a bedside tabletop lamp. The white pendant light shown here is the Aplomb.

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A splash of colour across the TV wall visually warms the room.

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Fitted wardrobes run the full width of the room and continue out into the reception, creating masses of storage space, which allows the small home to remain uncluttered and well organised.

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The closed in balcony space has been cohesively styled and accessorised despite its narrow proportions. Here too, storage space has been cleverly created, this time beneath a built-in seat.

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A wood bath panel, wooden countertop and unique laundry baskets in natural rattan warm up a white bathroom. Geometric grey tile brings it bang on trend.

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A flash of green brings an air of freshness.

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Our second small apartment is another from Lviv, Ukraine, this time having an area of only 30 square metres.

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The designers of this apartment took away all of the internal walls to create one open plan area.

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The new open plan arrangement increased light and space.

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Rather than shying away from strong colour in such a small space, a strong blue theme runs through.

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There is space for two people to eat in the kitchen.

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The bright blue kitchen is finished off with a high contrast patterned tile backsplash. Matching the white and brown tones of the tiles, a set of three kitchen pendant lights hang above the fruit bowl on the central island.

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Wainscoting and original parquet flooring bring a classic look to the decor, with a little hint of grandeur.

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Modern wall sconces light up the sleeping zone, whilst a slimline floor lamp lights a cozy seating area.

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Not limited by its small proportions, the layout even includes a practical work area.

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The vibrant blue theme continues into the bathroom.

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Copper accents come in via a circular mirror and soap dispenser at the vanity unit.

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Our third and final small apartment design is a 50 square meter apartment in Odessa, Ukraine. Located in a hub for tourism and nightlife, the apartment was originally designed as a summer rental. The project brief called for an interior that would combine a modern progressive lifestyle with an easy traditional way of life. We can see here how a contemporary floor lamp has been teamed with a classic sofa. The lamp here is an Arco Style Floor Lamp.

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By night the apartment is atmospheric.

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The visual simplicity of the cube makes it unobtrusive to the main living area, but at night it takes on a theatrical appearance. See more studios with glass walled bedrooms.

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The visual simplicity of the cube makes it unobtrusive to the main living area, but at night it takes on a theatrical appearance.

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A wall hung console allows the floor area to continue uninterrupted. The flooring is laid on the diagonal which visually increases the floor space.

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Inside the compact bedroom, the space feels large thanks to the fully glazed wall and door.

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Shades of grey coupled with wainscoting create a super chic scheme. The bedside table lamps with bright red electrical cord provide the only injection of colour.

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A floor to ceiling mirror in the entryway tricks the eye into seeing increased space.

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The edge lit bedroom cube appears to float, making the large volume seem light.

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A casual sitting spot is anchored in place by a fun red lighting fixture.

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A four setting dining table stands in the centre of a generously sized kitchen.

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Clear ghost chairs keep the room looking uncluttered and let through all of the natural daylight. The holders of the decorative candles on the table match the transparent theme.

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The kitchen is a crisp monochromatic arrangement with a black backsplash and countertop over ice white gloss units. Chrome accessories complete the look.

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The wood flooring comes to an end at the home entryway and is replaced by high-shine tiling for a high-end look.

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