A Cozy Ecostyle Apartment in Lviv

A Cozy Ecostyle Apartment in Lviv

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The marriage of minimalism and eco-friendly design choices is a match made in heaven in this ecostyle apartment in Lviv, Ukraine. Realized by the visualizers at Fog Architecture, the house takes the clean lines and neutral color palettes of minimalism and combines them with luscious natural materials -- especially wood -- for a sunny, cozy feel throughout. From the open floor plan living area to the pops of color and light in the bedroom to the relaxing sea-colored chaise on the balcony, this home is exceptionally liveable and beautiful. Take a step inside and get inspired for your own eco-makeover.

  • 1 |
The main living area is not extremely spacious, but the use of neutral colors like gray and white make it feel somewhat bigger.

  • 2 |
Other design tricks, like a recessed television, make for a bit more space as well.

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One design element that must be mentioned in this main area is the uniquely texture wall. This creative addition lends quite a bit of personality to the home.

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Overall, comfort is key in this apartment, with this cozy gray chair acting as just one example.

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While guests may move directly into the living area, the entryway is the first thing they see, so the design of that space is important if you want a welcoming environment.

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The creative coat storage on the wall bring in that natural wood element while also being quite practical.

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In the small dining area, the natural wood theme carries over in the table itself as well as the flooring.

  • 8 |
Overhead and undercabinet lighting is a necessary addition to the kitchen and dining space.

  • 9 |
A creative faucet design is both practical and beautiful.

  • 10 |
In addition to fairly standard wood cabinets and countertops, the use of different types of wood in the backsplash pattern is a lovely touch.

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Of course, there is no better way to bring nature into a design than with the use of actual plants, as seen in this unique and modern moss wall, which also acts as a divider between the kitchen and living areas.

  • 12 |
The moss brings a vibrant splash of color into an otherwise neutral room.

  • 13 |
Speaking of pops of color, the purple accents in the bedroom are quite decadent.

  • 14 |
And if the purple color wasn’t royal enough, the glamorous vanity mirror design adds even more style.

  • 15 |
A creative overhead light fixture diffuses light for a flattering evening glow.

  • 16 |
The purple wood slat design over the bed is both a design feature and gives another space for recessed lighting to hide.

  • 17 |
The home office area is also quite cozy, and keeps with the more neutral theme of the home’s public spaces.

  • 18 |
Space and light to work are plentiful.

  • 19 |
The black office chair blends with black cabinetry while a few splashes of yellow find their way into the room as well.

  • 20 |
More plants ensure the ecostyle is not forgotten, even when work needs to be done.

  • 21 |
In the bathroom-cum-laundry, white and wood are a classic combination.

  • 22 |
The honeycomb patterned tile is a bit playful, but stays in the neutral category with its colors.

  • 23 |
Wood flooring climbs up onto the walls as well as the cabinets for a unified feel.

  • 24 |
Of course, the stylish bathroom includes all the necessities as well.

  • 25 |
A second, smaller bathroom uses white and wood too, but takes a more dramatic tack with its tile work.

  • 26 |
A corner shower is small but large enough to do the job.

  • 27 |
The honeycomb tiles in this space are white on white, which is a classic choice for a bath.

  • 28 |
The honeycomb design is carried over into this decorative shelving unit as well.

  • 29 |
Angular door hardware adds an artistic, modern element as well.

  • 30 |
This is a unique take on mirrored closet doors, partially covered.

  • 31 |
The colors in the design are somewhat brighter with greens and blues coming into play.

  • 32 |
The honeycomb tile from the larger bath repeats outside, too.

  • 33 |
Finally, a cozy reading nook continues the celebration of nature.

  • 34 |
Lavender, yellow, blue and white are calming and clean.

  • 35 |
The perfect space to spend a quite afternoon.

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