Two Nature Loving Boho Interiors

Two Nature Loving Boho Interiors

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If you love to embrace the life-affirming beauty of plants and warmth of natural wood in your home, and you dig the cool laid back vibe of the boho style, then these nature loving Boho interiors could be right up your style street. Find wicker based furniture, rattan home accessories and natural rugs, cane covered ceilings, lush plants and green accents. We bring you a cool concrete based take on the style from rustic Romania, and a more sumptuous situation from Israel. Whichever end of the spectrum you draw your alternative interior inspiration from, there is a boho bag of tricks here to inspire you.

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A large round wall mirror echoes the shape of the black wicker coffee table set and the natural circular rug.

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The open flames of a modern rustic fireplace disappear up an industrial style chimney. A store of chopped logs inhabit a shelf in the purpose built concrete hearth.

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More sprigs of greenery pop up in the dining area and along the open kitchen shelving.

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SIx pale wood chairs complete the unusual dining set combination.

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The bed is raised up on a bespoke concrete platform base. Grey bed linen ties in with the stony scheme.

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A unique pitcher stands tall and elegant on a solid wood rustic nightstand.

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  • Designer: Anova Interior Design
  • Visualizer: Stanislav Ananev Tanya Vorobyeva
Our second bohemian beauty is a villa in Israel. This one is a more vibrant affair, both in colour and accessorising, although we still witness raw concrete decor making an appearance. Many rattan pieces grace the space, though there is also an uptake of solid wooden pieces, like this low rectangular coffee table and the unique ceiling fan.

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The wooden ceiling fan is suspended from a cane ceiling, where lengths of cane have been arranged in alternating diagonal line within solid wood framework.

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Golden wicker art is arranged over a textured red feature wall behind the sofa. Green scatter cushions on the white sofa contrast vibrantly with the rouge hue.

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Indoor plants match with the green soft furnishings in the room. Solid wooden flooring inherits the deep reddish tone from the wall behind the sofa.

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Chevron pattern tile backs a built-in bar area in the living room.

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Rich golden accents stand out against the airy blue-green and white backdrop.

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A sophisticated scheme awaits inside the bedroom.

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One of the items on top of the console table is the mischievous looking Seletti Monkey Lamp.

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The red toned Mahogany floors continue in from the main living area, and a rich wood tower climbs the headboard feature wall too. The lantern-like bedroom pendant lights that flank the headboard feature seem to be the Ikea Sinnerlig.

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Two different species of bushy indoor plant stand at the bedside windows.

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The feature wall holds a surprise. The wood panels slide open to reveal a beautiful ceramic decorative piece. The panels cover the windows for some added privacy as well.

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A deep green bed runner and bedroom rug.

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The bedside tables are kept simple so as not to overwork the lavish scheme.

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The bed and bedclothes are light to create a lift at the centre of the dark decor.

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The cane ceiling makes a comeback over the sleepspace too.

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A rustic media console unit stands at the base of the bedroom TV wall.

  • 31 |
The bedroom TV wall decor adopts the same red from the sofa wall in the living room.

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Living walls of vivid greenery flank the sides of a double sink bathroom vanity. A floor of pebbles links the natural frame around the dual wash area.

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A luxurious modern waterfall shower is confined to a cubicle, but the rest of the bathroom is open to the beauty of the elements. Rustic wooden beams cross the room at ceiling height with no solid rooftop overhead. Blue skies and sunlight shine through.

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A bathtub is situated for a bather to bask in the sun’s rays, surrounded by natural fronds, on a bed of white pebbles. A set of two side tables hold a selection of exotic toiletries in the luxury bathroom.

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Aerated water jets in the tub bring the spa experience.

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Natural sunlight overhead, tropical plant fronds all around, and pebbles on the ground give the experience of bathing or showering in the great outdoors. High walls provide the privacy needed to relax and unwind.

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