5 Fresh Funky Scandinavian Style Home Interiors

5 Fresh  Funky Scandinavian Style Home Interiors

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These five Scandinavian style home interiors are filled with fresh and funky decor to give living spaces an uplifting boost. If you’re a minimalist, perhaps you should turn away now as these are a bustling set of homes, busy with life and all that comes along with it. See how to arrange life’s bits and bobs in easy access storage cubbies, curate gallery walls and treasure filled tabletops, and put well used items out for all to see on open shelving units. Find a mini colour explosion within a black white interior, a polished green-grey yellow abode, gold trimmed botanical decor, earthy bronze undertones, and a small home packing a lot of Scandi punch.

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  • Visualizer: aTng 糖
This black and white Scandinavian living room is home to a mini colour explosion, where all of the colour is brought into the room via personal belongings and small removable decor items such as throws and scatter cushions. All of the larger and more permanent items in the room follow a black, white, grey and wood tone rule, which means that it’s easy to switch out the colour if desired.

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A black and white kid’s play mat lies beneath the coffee table in the lounge to make this a truly family friendly space where the kids are free to relax too. The round edged coffee table also makes this a safe play space where little heads won’t be bumped on sharp corners. And what a unique ceiling fan!

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Wooden toys make for stylish and eco-friendly play material – batteries, repetitive sounds and flashing lights not included.

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The living room dining room combo is awash with signs of thriving family life, though everything has its place on banks of open shelving and in neat storage crates.

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The lounge zone of the open plan room is floored with wood laminate plank, but this morphs into grey geometric tile in the high traffic walkway to the bedrooms, and behind the lounge in the open plan kitchen diner.

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Modular shelving units make up the tv wall decor. Kid friendly art prints decorate the top of the shelves.

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The dining suite consists of mismatched monochrome dining chairs and a wooden table. White dining room pendant lights illuminate the relaxed family eating area.

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Colourful crockery and geometric design breathes fun and frivolity into the space.

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  • Visualizer: The Render
Our second viewing is around a polished and put-together green-grey and yellow modern living room. Chevron print wallpaper echoes the pattern of the herringbone floor.

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The small yellow accents go a long way in warming and cheering the palette of the room.

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Sliding doors can be drawn back to reveal the kitchen diner and make one large entertaining space.

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The flat screen television slides away to one side on the room dividing doors.

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The black, white and wood kitchen design also incorporates an area of chevron print to complement that in the lounge.

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A more formal dining area is hidden just off the kitchen.

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A tower of shelf cubes beside the living room sofa acts as a room divider. On the other side of the stack there is a built-in bench set up as a spot in which to kick back and surf the internet.

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  • Visualizer: Mr_kaleo
Green and white botanical decor with gold accents awaits in home number three. A faux deer head ties in with the nature theme.

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A deep green sofa complements the botanical art prints on the wall and the indoor plant population. The unique floor lamp that lights the side of the sofa is the Oda style lamp. Originals are available here.

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A gold room divider brings geometric pattern to the open plan room, and helps zone the lounge from the dining room.

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Shelving units run around the room in an L-shape, with one of them being home to a Scandinavian workspace.

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Cane, wicker and wooden pieces add earthy accents.

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Built-in banquette benches form U-shaped seating around the Scandinavian dining room, with two dining chairs filling up the fourth side of the square table.

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A pegboard provides opportunity for an interchangeable gallery wall.

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  • Visualizer: Giang Pham
Earthy wood and bronze undertones add depth to this monochrome Scandinavian apartment. A black swing arm wall lamp protrudes from a black and white gallery wall.

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The tabletop below the picture arrangement is littered with intriguing treasured items.

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Although art and curated items are prolifically displayed, furniture is kept sparse in the open plan living room.

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The lounge leads into a kitchen diner styled in the same fashion.

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A single blue scatter cushion adds a pop of colour without committing to a full theme.

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House plants naturally colour the scheme right through into the kitchen diner. An IC Lights S Style Pendant dangles over the dining table; the original is available here.

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Bronze candlesticks and bottles dress the dining tabletop.

  • 34 |
A glass wall bedroom adjoins the lounge.

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  • Visualizer: Andy Prasetyo
More botanical decor can be found in our third home tour, in a small home with a lot of Scandi punch.

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A small two seater sofa marks the lounge in the dinky open plan.

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By the sofa, an eye-catching pendant light is hung dramatically low.

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The neighbouring small kitchen is divided from the lounge by a wood peninsula.

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A plethora of plants colour the cooking zone.

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