The Re-Style Of A Luxury Villa

The Re-Style Of A Luxury Villa

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Elegant white furniture stands clean against textured stone and rustic wooden backdrops in this re-styled luxury villa in Cap Martinet, Ibiza. The high-end interior, visualised by Tabarq, is illuminated by a contemporary lighting scheme of recessed track LEDs and sculptural pendant lights. The layout includes an airy open plan main room that spills out onto a sociable pool patio, which doubles the living area. The patio is all set for entertaining with its sparkling blue infinity swimming pool, al fresco eating area and outdoor lounge. A large balcony offers up another opportunity to enjoy the sunny Ibizan weather. Inside, luxurious bedroom suites are styled as peaceful retreats, and sophisticated bathroom decor evokes a spa-like feel.

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The modern home exterior cuts into the side of a lush green hill, surrounded by mature trees. The Ibizan sunshine beats down over the building’s crisp pure white façade.

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An infinity pool cuts across the edge of a pool patio, dividing the home from the lawn. Climbing plants help to somewhat meld the contemporary structure with its green location.

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Towering windows slice the side of the building. An exterior staircase climbs the rise of the grassy hill toward the main entrance.

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The outside living space is divided into several volumes, like outdoor rooms. Luxury sun loungers lay by the edge of the infinity pool, in front of an al fresco dining set. A more separate sun deck is set at the head of the pool, with views of the garden below. An exterior sitting room is situated at the far end, nestled close to house.

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The return of the patio is in partial shade thanks to a modern pergola design. There is also an outdoor shower here to rinse off the chlorine from the pool, or simply to cool down without taking a dip. Mature shrubs feather the edges of the concrete floor.

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Individual sun shades create cool over the rest of the sun loungers situated along the main patio.

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Another pergola design surrounds the outdoor lounge with natural wood and charming ivy. Cutaways in the slats prevent the area from feeling too closed in.

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Moving inside, the luxury living room has a large U-shaped modular sofa arrangement. The modules and cushions are mixed white and taupe to create light and depth.

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The U-shaped modern sofa gathers around a wall mounted flat screen tv. The tv wall decor is a beautiful meld of white stone and natural wood panelling. A fireplace is situated to one side of an elevated hearth. The unit has been underlit with LED strip lights to accentuate its floating effect. A small array of books and ornaments decorate its surface.

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The main formal dining area is located outside to make the most of the pleasant climate, outfitted with stylish modern outdoor chairs to withstand the elements.

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Two rows of wooden cabinets make up a galley kitchen layout in the open plan room.

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A modern belfast style sink dominates the back wall of units, made from the same stone as the countertop and backsplash. The backsplash is lit by warm LED lights, which creates a special glow.

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The combination of white stone and natural wood backdrop continues into the bedrooms. This luxury bedroom is also bathed in a copper glow from tinted mirrors and a whole host of matching metallic accessories.

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The ensuite bathroom looks like a mini spa, clad top to toe in textured stone and smooth wooden finishes.

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A large shower screen stands frameless for a clean look.

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More copper tinted mirrors appear on the closet doors in the second double bedroom suite. Copper storm lanterns complement their colour.

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Black basins stand out on this double sink bathroom vanity. A textured front panel on the unit balances out the dark statement pieces.

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A unique ceiling fan spins above a third luxury bedroom design, but it’s still the copper accents that steal the show. Decorative discs dot a mirrored wall in here; the reflective wall visually doubles the size of the room.

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This modern bathroom vanity has a single basin set to one side, leaving one half of the unit free to hold toiletries. A frameless vanity mirror cuts down the centre of a wood panel wall, lit by tubular pendant lights.

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Backlit metallic discs shine ambient light around the headboard wall of bedroom four, but its a pair of sculptural bedroom pendant lights that really shape the scheme.

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A smaller ensuite is attached this time, though the compact space still screams luxury with its bespoke bathroom furniture and gleaming fittings.

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The home comes equipped with a yoga studio, to align body, mind and spirit.

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Upstairs, there is a balcony that overlooks the mature trees and other greenery of the garden below. Luxury outdoor sofas border the balcony, forming another outdoor lounge for contemplative rest and relaxation. A low wooden coffee table stands poised to hold cold drinks and reading material. We see a repeat of the large disc-like sun shades that are utilised down on the patio up here, their white skins matching the light sofas and the purity of the building exterior.

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By night the sun shades become beautifully soft lamps to illuminate the seating area. Small floor lamps glow between the sofas, whilst outdoor wall sconces beat a path of light toward the balcony doors.

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