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Neoclassical Interior Design Inspiration

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Beauty and refinement are key in these five home designs that draw ideas from neoclassical interiors and art. Traditionally inspired pieces have been intermingled with modern elements to create living spaces that are packed with character and elegant finesse. Clean cut contemporary sofas and dining sets, sleek staircase design and crisp storage solutions interrupt highly decorative backdrops to add a dash of the unexpected. See how ornate boiserie makes stunning union with smooth marble, geometric tile and au courant flooring designs. Sculptural pendant lights dominate open spaces, and glowy perimeter lights trim room schemes to add to the drama.

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  • Visualizer: Diff Studio
This house in Lithuania has a breathtaking living room design that incorporates deep boiserie and an enormous example of neoclassical portrait art. The piece has been modified with a humorous touch to bring it bang up to date. See more living rooms with large wall art here.

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An ornamental fireplace lightens the corner of the room, with a delicate gold and white design. The tv wall is stacked with bookshelves and ornaments, all lit with warm LED strips.

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A huge area rug pulls the whole lounge together, creating a cosy island for the sofa, nesting coffee tables and two accent chairs.

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Two different tones of grey curtain have been used at the enormously wide window to break up the block of colour.

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A slender floor lamp stands by the two modern accent chairs.

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Across from the lounge area, a modern staircase design climbs to the next floor behind clear glass balustrades.

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Around the corner from the stairwell lies the kitchen. Dark cabinets flank one whole wall whilst white units stand on the opposite side.

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The dining room stands fully open to the lounge area.

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More gorgeous boiserie panels decorate the wall behind the dining set, running up against smooth marble panels in the kitchen. The herringbone floor matches with the mixed natural tones in the wall panels.

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A halo of light edges the staircase design, and reflects in the white marble wall treatment.

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On the run of white kitchen units, darker wall cabinets have been included to showcase an extensive collection of wine glasses.

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The small cloakroom has a luxe interior, which features a neoclassical statuette nestled in a nook.

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  • Visualizer: Press Render
The second neoclassical interior we visit also features beautiful boiserie – though this time with a much lighter and airy feel. A grey modern sofa is placed in front of the white backdrop, with monochrome cushions to pull the elements of the room together. Mature indoor plants bring a splash of colour and vitality to the scheme; the one seen here is a Swiss Cheese Plant.

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A geometric modern chandelier hangs in the centre of the room, which juxtaposes the traditional style surroundings. A pair of nesting coffee tables sit atop a velvety area rug, which matches the golden tone of the wireframed pendant.

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Another geo pendant is suspended above the dining table on the other side of the open plan room. A simple black wireframe fruit bowl and clear glass candle holders form the table centrepiece. See more modern fruit bowls here.

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  • Visualizer: Sasha Gnativ
Inside our third home tour, a modern sputnik chandelier hangs from an elegant ceiling rose. Garland plaster coving trims the edges of the ceiling.

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A small golden floor lamp stands by an emerald green sofa that’s been accessorised with bold monochrome cushions.

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A wooden chair serves as a side table to hold a selection of books close to hand.

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In the bedroom, a small side table houses an indoor plant by the bed, which matches the nature theme of a photographic mural across the headboard wall.

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  • Visualizer: Sivak+Partners
The fourth interior is an unusual space with many unique design features.

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Sculptural art adds personality to the home, like these animal sculptures on the coffee table.

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The cognac hue of the marble dining table looks rich and luxurious, both classic and modern.

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The elliptical countertop of a curvaceous kitchen island matches the rich hue of the neighbouring dining table.

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Three black bar stools line up under the island overhang to fashion a casual eating spot.

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Modern wall decor adds a burst of interest over the headboard in the bedroom. A wooden side table matches with the natural theme, whilst the metal bedstead stands out in a shade of red.

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A rug runs beneath the bed, and at one end of it there stands a designer desk and chair. The study area faces out toward the window – though it isn’t pushed up to the glass.

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The ensuite bathroom is separated from the main sleeping area of the bedroom only by sheer red and white drapes. The flooring changes from a wood herringbone bedroom floor to a geometric tile in the bathroom wet zone. A freestanding bath cuts across the corner.

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  • Visualizer: XO Design
We see the return of some updated art on our final neoclassical inspired home tour. This time a deep purple modern sofa adds vibrancy to the open plan space.

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Three black bar stools team up with a white breakfast bar by the side of the purple sofa.

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Impressive contemporary chandeliers sparkle above the breakfast bar, hanging from elaborate ceiling roses, side by side.

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The bedroom is a deeply layered design of decorative boiserie, luxurious veined marble, ambient lighting and quality soft furnishings.

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Gloss white closet doors meld well with a reflective marble panel.

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A leather effect headboard feature wall towers above this bed, sewn in geometric segments to complement the rug design on the floor.

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A home office sits in one corner of the black and white bedroom.

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