Two Neoclassical Home Interiors In Shades Of Grey

Two Neoclassical Home Interiors In Shades Of Grey

We’ve coupled together two sophisticated home interiors that illustrate how grey decor melds beautifully with the neoclassical style. The first is a chic and sleek, modern meets classic affair. Wall panel molding has been added into the surroundings to trim and accentuate some more contemporary pieces. Gold and copper trims and accessories add shine and glamour to the finish. Home tour number two offers up a more maximalist approach, with plentiful furniture designs, and home style ideas galore. This plethora of beautiful things is set against a wonderful backdrop of traditional ceiling coving, highly decorative boiserie and smart wainscotting.

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Our first neoclassical interior design begins in a serene lounge that houses a low profile grey fabric sofa. The seating stretches out in a sleek line along a light herringbone floor. It divides the common living space into two, with one half playing host to the comfortable lounge area and the other reserved for a chic kitchen dining combo.

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The modern sofa provides seating in every direction, meaning family and friends can choose to focus their attention into the kitchen area whilst still relaxing back on the couch. The walls of the open plan living space sport traditional style panel molding, painted with a whisper of grey. One especially large section of panel molding frames the flat screen tv.

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In the kitchen diner, a gold sputnik chandelier shines above the eating area. Gold frame dining chairs match the light installation.

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Cut logs nestle within a recessed column, creating an attractive feature by a modern fireplace that is stylishly amalgamated into the wall panel.

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The black dining table merges with the kitchen island, which forms its other support leg.

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Stark contrast is made between white and charcoal elements in the room. Metallic accents sing against the darkest shades.

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Semi translucent closet doors allow a subtle reveal of the wardrobe contents inside. A flat screen tv has been mounted onto one half of the closet to align the screen at the optimum viewing angle from the bed. A large tinted glass vase sprouts a dried floral arrangement at its side.

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Concrete ceiling tiles counteract the smooth and sophisticated neoclassical wall decor with a touch of industrial grit.

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Illuminated vanity mirror echo the floating effect of the wall unit.

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A modern grey bidet and toilet set have a sharp square silhouette.

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In the hallway, a coat hanging nook has been picked out in charcoal paint.

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A second grey bedroom in the home holds a plush tufted bed.

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Beneath the luxury bed, a black area rug softens the wood floor.

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Reading light is provided by a slender floor lamp at the bedside.

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Sheer white drapes let natural light filter into the grey shaded room.

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Glossy black closet doors engulf one entire wall.

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Attractive classic panel molding details the interior doors.

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Minimalist vertical radiator bars heat the small shower room.

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A unique sink area makes the most of a narrow space: A scooped shelf accentuates a side mounted circular mirror, and a freestanding sink is accessorised with a bright copper faucet and bottle trap.

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A sofa unit spans the back of the light grey couch; its white top matches the crisp white walls in the room, whilst dark wood effect doors give the piece some visual weight.

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The sofa also has integrated bookshelves along one side of it. An individual bookcase climbs the wall on the other side of the room, and more shelves span the top of the tv wall.

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Deeply decorative boiserie swags across the window wall. Gold and glass orb dining pendant lights gleam over a table behind the lounge.

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A low level media unit underlines the wall mounted tv.

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Crystal paperweights decorate one of the coffee tables, cut like giant diamonds.

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Light herringbone flooring runs through a hallway of white wainscot.

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Black light tracks and a black mirror contrast with the ethereal surroundings.

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Deep purple bedclothes and a single scatter cushion on a modern accent chair colour the space.

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Smoked glass closet doors obscure the contents.

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A purple glass vase adds a pop of colour to the bedside.

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The walk in closet is kitted out with a comprehensive system of rails, shelves, storage nooks and drawers.

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A shower enclosure and toilet are located on an elevated platform in the bathroom. Contrasting marble slabs smoke across the wall.

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Made to measure cabinets make up the vanity area.

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Another bedroom houses a cosy bed that is beautifully layered with monochrome striped sheets and pillows, a soft grey comforter and a tasselled chevron throw. A grey shelving stack opposite the foot of the bed includes contrasting wooden cubbies. Unusual treasures and textbooks fill the shelves. Up on the ceiling, stunning coving trims the room like royal icing.

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A marble bench seat has been fashioned in the hallway. A tower of grey shelves climb from its side, displaying items that add personality to the home. A bank of white storage cabinets stretch away from the nook.

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