Four Different Decor Schemes On A Crisp White Base

Four Different Decor Schemes On A Crisp White Base

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We are taking a look at a collection of four modern decor schemes today, which are each built upon a clean and crisp white base. Our first tour takes us around a monochrome setting that is given lift by a small sprinkling of elegant gold accessories. The second stop we make is in a fresh apartment that is dashed with zesty lime green features. The third home on the list is a design that has been inspired by the beauty of nature and all natural tones. Finally we take a walk through a home that is defined by dark hued accent pieces in teal, red, and rich shades of brown.

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  • Designer: LOFT Magdalena Adamus
A metal coffee table set introduces small slivers of gold into our first white based home decor scheme; the black and white pair also create contrast in the centre of the space. At the side of the open plan living room, two custom fit wooden cabinets bring warm rich tone to the alcoves on either side of a white chimney breast.

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There is a modern sofa on each side of the lounge, facing each other in a conversational arrangement. Scatter cushions bring texture to the designer duo.

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The white coffee table has a marble top that adds to the air of luxury in the room.

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A linear suspension lamp hangs in the white dining room above a simple table design. Light grey comfortable dining chairs with arms gather around the rectangular table. A modern dresser provides a dark backdrop to the scene.

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A white galley kitchen runs the width of the living room. Branches in glass vases decorate a crisp white cooking peninsula. A glass door, which leads out to a terrace, fills the modern kitchen with bright natural light that bounces off the glossy white cabinet fronts.

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Sheer grey drapes draw across the glass doors by the lounge space.

  • 7 |
The same curtain style is repeated inside the master bedroom. A cool monochrome striped pouf sits by the window along with a couple of decorative items. Black and gold accent cushions line up along the headboard.

  • 8 |
Black bathroom vanity lighting descends over a white linear vanity unit. Stone tiles provide a textured backdrop.

  • 10 |
… Lime green accents liven up this blank canvas, like these acidic kitchen cabinet doors. A white dining area sits by the green and white kitchen, featuring a chunky column dining table and a Drop chair duo.

  • 12 |
More Drop chairs appear at double workspaces situated just outside of the master bedroom.

  • 13 |
A pocket door can be pulled shut between the home office and the bedroom when required.

  • 15 |
The white bedroom is furnished with built-in closets and wall cupboards–and a child’s bed as well as the double. The kid’s bed is situated in a nook with a curtain available to pull across at nap time.

  • 16 |
When the double bed is not in use, it can be folded away into the closet niche to make more space for play.

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A slice of lime green adds interest to a white bathroom.

  • 19 |
Single bed floor plan, featuring Murphy bed and cosleeping arrangement.

  • 21 |
Cut logs add to the natural decor elements in the home, stacked tall to fuel a modern log burning fire.

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The dining pendant light design complements the organic leaf silhouettes that fill the home. White dining chairs gather around a beautiful timber dining table.

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A modern staircase design runs straight off the airy open plan room.

  • 25 |
A white chimney cooker hood hangs quietly over the kitchen peninsula. An integrated wine cooler is tucked into the end of the cabinet run.

  • 27 |
Wooden accents pepper the white built-in storage solutions.

  • 28 |
  • Visualizer: Mohamed Mousa
Our fourth tour is a 135 square metre home that has a collection of white based rooms with deep coloured accent pieces, like the teal seating in this minimalist living room.

  • 29 |
A striped rug provides interest in the simple arrangement.

  • 30 |
Wall art makes a splash of colour in this lounge area in the dining room.

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The wall tiles continue all the way up to the ceiling.

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A floating shelf underlines a white framed mirror at the end of an all white hallway.

  • 35 |
Bold red closets make a surprising addition to white bedroom decor.

  • 36 |
A red dressing table and drawers match the closets. A black modern wall sconce accessorises each side of the white bed.

  • 38 |
Shades of taupe contrast with the white backdrop in here; pale taupe curtains pool at the window and a darker shade colours the upholstery on the platform bed.

  • 40 |
Two bed floor plan.

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