Managing With Less: 3 Small Homes Under 40 Square Meters (430 Square Feet)

Managing With Less: 3 Small Homes Under 40 Square Meters (430 Square Feet)

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Super compact but deliciously cosy and creative, these three small home designs are fashioned with inspiring succinct style. This trio of home tours demonstrate solid layout ideas that leave no small space unutilised, and incorporate all the needs and wants for modern life. Each of the small interiors also dive bravely into their own characterful colour scheme. Our first home is a relaxing vision of soft green, grey and white decor, with smooth light wood accents. The second apartment shows a bold monochrome base and teal accents, enriched with deep wood and botanical art. We finish up in a light yellow and breezy blue scheme that’s offset with monochrome art and a black framed glass bedroom.

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  • Designer: LPS design studio
  • Visualizer: LPS design studio
Managing with less doesn’t have to mean less style. Here in this 33 square metre home, a comfy grey sofa is accessorised with trendy black and white cushions, on top of a cool monochrome print area rug. A modern swing arm wall lamp extends over the side of the compact living area to provide reading light where its most needed at the end of the couch.

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A small round coffee table makes a handy landing spot for bits and bobs, books and drinks. The tv stand has been moved away from the wall in order to create an extended hallway into the kitchen and dining space. The walkway prevents disruption to television viewing in a shared household. Louvre doors at the back of the room are painted in a soft shade of green that complements the plant life in the room.

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Light wood accents run throughout the small home layout, warming the crisp white decor scheme.

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Bringing the tv stand closer to the couch also helps to segregate the lounge from the dining room a little more. The dining set is pushed up against the window wall to save on floor space, but still comfortably accommodates four diners.

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A black wall lamp shines down over the white dining table.

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The white table has been teamed with grey dining chairs for contrast.

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A sectional chaise has been pushed into a tight niche by the window to form a secretive reading nook.

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The hallway space has been well utilised for storage, and includes a row of closets, wall hooks, and a bicycle wall rack.

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A large wall mirror visually opens up the width of the hallway.

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Walls of black and pale grey decor play with the sense of space.

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A wooden worktop smooths of the top of white kitchen base units. Subtle geometric tiles add interest across the backsplash without closing the space in.

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Modern artwork lines the walkway into the living room. The double doors at the back of the lounge conceal the bedroom.

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Behind the green doors, the cozy bedroom is decorated a super soft shade of grey, and furnished with white painted pieces.

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The double bed fits into a niche against the wall, which leaves enough space for a home workspace by the entry doors.

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With the bedroom doors fully opened, the home workspace becomes attached to the living room.

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The bathroom also serves as a utility room, since the apartments small floor area does not allow for a dedicated laundry room.

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Timber bathroom furniture creates a warm look.

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A corner shower enclosure makes good use of the narrow space.

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Our second home, in Lviv, Ukraine, has an area of 38 square metres. We begin the tour at a double workspace by a glass wall bedroom. A teal accent wall makes a rich backdrop behind the modern home office desk, and helps zone the space.

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A geometric area rug softens the floor of the home office, whilst a deep pile rug makes the attached bedroom a little more plush.

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The walls of the room are lined with sleek white closets that are barely noticeable.

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Botanical art creates a pleasant green scene behind the dining table set in the kitchen.

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Black appliances and a black countertop contrast with white cabinets.

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In the home entryway, a wood slatted wall is home to coat hooks and a garment shelf. A shoe bench sits underneath.

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A cute ‘Home Sweet Home’ rug waits by the door, and links the shoe bench with a tall illuminated mirror.

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Botanical prints add life to monochrome walls.

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A stylish laundry basket or two fill the space beneath an all white vanity area in the bathroom.

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The bath screen is framed with black to provide contrast inside the light scheme.

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A black swing arm wall lamp complements the dark bath screen.

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Powdery blue lounge furniture and a daffodil yellow feature wall give the place lighthearted personality. A dark stemmed sputnik chandelier and monochrome art prints provide base notes.

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A black framed glass bedroom stands opposite the sofa, behind the tv stand.

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At the side of the lounge, a dining area is set by the yellow wall. One of the three dining pendant lights echo the shape of a circular cutout in the feature wall, which reveals a view of the entry door.

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The powder blue accent colour runs through into a small kitchen.

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Two rows of cabinets face each other in a galley kitchen design.

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Beyond the interior glass walls there is a minimalist bedroom design in monochrome, with an open fronted closet system.

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