2 Small Apartment Layouts With Deliciously Dark Decor Ideas

2 Small Apartment Layouts With Deliciously Dark Decor Ideas

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Dark interior design can bring delicious results. Bold black living rooms make an immediate strong statement to everyone who enters into the home. Black kitchens set a delectable mood at dinner time, even before sitting down to dine. Today we’re looking at two small interiors that are packed full of dark decor ideas to fill each and every room of the home, both designed and visualised by Cartelle Design. This dark duo also helps clue us into how to create the perfect balance of tone, like floating dark elements within a warm wooden backdrop, spiking a dark bathroom with a powder blue basin, or splicing texture into the mix.

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First up, we step into a home with an area of 43 square metres, located in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. The dark moody living room design is created by floating dark elements on a sea of warm wood laminate flooring, and a colour block rug.

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Black wood slats stripe the wall behind the TV stand and a wall mounted screen. The slatted texture of the TV wall decor catches the natural light from the window, and is lit from above by an LED strip light that’s recessed into the ceiling.

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A cream round coffee table set breaks up the dark tones in the lounge, and draws on lighter tones in the chevron patterned wood flooring.

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One of the doors on the TV stand has also been left in an unfinished timber state, to bring a light accent to the piece.

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Behind the sofa, a glass room divider defines the lounge area from an L-shaped kitchen with an island. The cabinets that fill the back of the open plan room are arranged in a variety of charcoal and copper finishes to create a rich and layered look.

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A freestanding faucet fills a large farmhouse style sink at the end of the kitchen island.

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A dining bench wraps around the other end of the central island.

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Four unique dining chairs line up along the edge of the dining table extension. A modern pendant light snakes down from the ceiling.

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The bright cityscape beyond the windows is reflected in the glass panes of the room divider, doubling the effect.

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Deep bottle green accents add subtle colour to the dark decor scheme.

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Next we visit a home with an area of 56 square metres, located in Moscow, Russian Federation. The apartment interior was remodelled for a young couple, who wished for a stylish modern interior that would resemble a cozy hotel room.

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The lounge is tiny yet perfectly formed with a comfy duck egg blue sofa and a monochrome accent chair. A triple headed gold floor lamp aims light over the two seating options, and at a large piece of contemporary art propped behind the sofa.

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A narrow tv wall has been built opposite the lounge arrangement, which also screens part of the kitchen from view.

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Despite the small area of the apartment, the dynamic layout preserves a feeling of space and free-flowing energy.

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The partition has tinted glass at the top to allow a glimpse of the kitchen to pass through it.

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A combination of different coloured and textured materials shape the mood of the interior. Glass, natural wood, metal, concrete and brass meld together to create unique modernity.

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Three wooden bar stools are tucked behind the narrow tv wall, lined up along the kitchen island. A more formal dining area takes its place by the windows.

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A dark grey kitchen contrasts with the light wood stools and wood laminate flooring. A warm LED light cuts across the backsplash. The breakfast bar is also home to the cooking hob, and a modern fruit bowl. See more modern fruit bowls.

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A raw concrete wall gives the kitchen diner an industrial ruggedness, which is juxtaposed by the sleek technological TV wall that faces into the lounge area.

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Another industrial style wall brings character to a grey bedroom design. Gold bedroom pendant lights lustre in front of the cold canvas. Grey built-in wardrobes provide plentiful storage.

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A stylish bed and a unique side table rest on a grey area rug. LED lighting cuts up the headboard wall and across the ceiling to make a visual divide between the sleeping zone and a reading spot.

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The LED strip continues across the floor of the bedroom too, cutting beneath the bedroom chair.

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The reading spot is green with mature plants, to promote relaxation and a feeling of cosiness.

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A tinted glass pocket door closes off the kitchen.

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The dining room can be seen through glass on the opposite side of the bedroom, through the giant foliage of indoor plants.

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There is also a large separate dressing room that has a laundry room inside.

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The dressing room has two entrances, one from the bedroom, and one from the hallway.

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The illuminated frame of a modern vanity mirror glows above the blue sink.

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A strip light sends an intriguing glow down the back of a black shower enclosure.

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