A Creative Home Design With A Mix Of Modern Styles

A Creative Home Design With A Mix Of Modern Styles

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A unique home, designed and visualised by York Architects, exhibits an interesting mix of modern styles. Beginning with the living room, we’re welcomed into a cosy situation that’s decorated in olive green and warm terracotta colours, and a deeply patterned rug. In contrast, the adjoined kitchen diner is a crisp white and minimalist affair that’s kept free of any frills. A bright bedroom weighs in with a light blue and orange arrangement, and the orange tones continue into a terrazzo floored master bathroom. The second bedroom swings back toward the white minimalist aesthetic, along with a colourless walk in wardrobe design and a matching ensuite. Come with us on this creative modern mix journey!

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It’s a modern sofa that paints a stripe of olive green through the cosy living room design, which has perhaps been inspired by the colourful work of art upon the wall exhibiting the same tone. A small side table, coffee table and accent chair bring in some sturdy black base notes. Behind the sofa, a glass wall bedroom wall brings borrowed natural light flooding into the living space.

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Windows on the adjacent living room wall look out upon the view and a large balcony area with lots of plants. One mature plant has made it inside of the doors to grace the lounge with its leafy presence.

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A terracotta coloured tv wall stretches out in front of the olive green modern sofa. Slatted doors conceal the tv screen from the open plan living room when not in use, so as not to clutter the design or distract from the pleasant view.

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The two slatted doors of the TV cabinet pivot on hinges that allow the doors to hang flush against the cabinet when open. General storage cabinets top the TV unit, reaching up to the ceiling. Media storage cabinets run along the floor at baseboard height.

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The cosy colourful living room stands vibrant against a neighbouring white minimalist kitchen diner design.

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A busily patterned rug swirls on the floor of the lounge area.

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A black floor lamp provides reading light by the accent chair.

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The floor lamp and TV provide ambient lighting in the cosy living room.

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Out on the luxurious balcony, a spiral staircase climbs with the ivy beside an outdoor lounge and dining area.

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White cabinets, white faucet and a white integrated oven make up the minimalist L-shaped kitchen design around the dining area.

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Contrasting bedroom chairs face each other across a black coffee table.

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Terracotta tones return in the first of the home’s three bathrooms, on wall panels that conceal the toilet cistern and pipework for a wall hung toilet and bidet set. Storage cupboards have been installed above them to utilise the recess.

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A terrazzo treatment dapples the floor with colour and movement.

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An illuminated vanity mirror crosses the wall above the basin in a partial eclipse-like design.

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White decor gets a little shook up on the other side of the room, with the addition of a black modern home office desk. A collection of unique planters over the home office shelves bring in a splash of greenery. A larger planter holds a cactus, perched upon a floor level window seat. A run of floor cushions make the wooden window seat a more inviting place to sit and read for a while.

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Terrazzo flooring returns inside a predominantly white walk in wardrobe. A black pouf sits at one end.

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White shelves, garment rails and white chests of drawers populate the clean modular closet arrangement.

  • 24 |
The series of open and closed closet storage volumes provide many options for wardrobe organisation.

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A second walk in wardrobe design in the home follows a similar crisp white aesthetic. This time smooth wood laminate flooring provides a more serene finish than the energetic terrazzo. A mesh panel builds a light screen.

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Black, grey and white terrazzo tiles floor the next bathroom design, taking the pattern through but not the colour. A black and white vanity area stretches along one wall of the bathroom, with a mesh finish that’s reminiscent of the previous walk in closet screen.

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The terrazzo treatment carries on all the way up and around the bathtub and shower area. A quirky wall decal makes a splash above the bath.

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A shelving tower and an integrated cabinet are edged in black.

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The last bathroom in this home is a much darker design, with black coming through as the most prominent shade. Black tiles fill the walls of the dark bathroom, and a black frame holds the shower screen.

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This time the dappled floor is a grey colourway. A white bathroom vanity and white wall hung toilet stand out crisply against the darker elements of the room.

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Mesh panels show up in this space too, as two towering semi-transparent black doors to a storage area. A black vertical radiator completes the room.

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